• If a skater wishes to change coaches, etiquette dictates that the skater's parents contact the new coach to see if they would be willing to teach the skater, then the parents inform the former coach of the change, and pay them in full before taking any lessons from the new coach. Skate Canada requires that the former coach gracefully relinquishes any skater that wishes to change coaches
  • At the beginning of the season, you should discuss with your coach: lessons - type of lessons (free skate, skills, dance) and how many lessons per week, fees - for lessons (be it private, semi-private, group) fees for music, partnering fees, competition and test day fees, private ice - explaining that some coaches take a group of skaters out for extra practice prior to test days or competitions


Meet Our Coaches

Janice Boyd



  • NCCP Level 2 Certified 
  • Level 3 Theory, Singles, Dance
  • Coaching since 1993
  • CanPower certified 
  • Gold level: dance, skills
  • Special Achievements: competed and placed in COS and WOS, 2006 COS Club Coach of the Year


Lynda Downey



  • ISPC Certified (Formerly Level 2)
  • Level 3 Trained (General Subjects Theory, and Technical Trained)
  • Coaching since 2000
  • Achievements: Sr. Ladies Competitive Freeskate, Gold Level Freeskate, Dance and Figures 
  • 9 years performing with Disney on Ice


Katrina Litwin



  • CanSkate and CanPower Certified 
  • Coaching since 1989 
  • Level 2 Cert; obtaining Level 3 
  • Gold Level dance
  • Trained Gold Level skills, creative and interpretive
  • Competed at the Ontario sectional level 
  • Gold Freeskate



    Laura Lourenco



    • CanSkate Certified
    • Coaching since 2018
    • Achieved Gold Level skills, creative, and interpretive
    • Achieved Diamond Level dances
    • Competed internationally with Nexxice, synchronized skating
    • 2x World Competitor, 8x International Medalist, 5x Canadian Medalist